About us

EVVO Labs is a centre of innovative solutions for the future of business leadership.

Powered by comprehensive research and development (R&D) and a strong pioneering spirit, EVVO Labs utilizes state-of-the-art technical solutions with powerful Cloud, Mobile and Media products and services to bring our partners to the forefront of their respective industries.

Constant innovation and better solutions for the complex world today – that is EVVO Labs’ driving force. We analyse and build customised solutions to provide our clients with power and knowledge to be at the forefront of their industries.

EVVO IoT is part of EVVO’s advancement strategy to tap the future of convergent technology today. The Business unit IoT focus on healthcare and healthcare security: Assisted living care/ Connected medical devices, Remote health management/ Corporate wellness/ Security care for health vertical.

Stay in sync with your health daily with our products


Combined with EVVO Labs, technological ability and DynoSense's ground breaking devices, WL&H Medical has been able to create an increasingly deeper and meaningful experience for patients.

By incorporating DynoSense devices into a clinical setting, patients are able to see in real-time, the collection and measurement of their health data and metrics , providing them a greater sense of engagement.

This technology has also enabled WL&H Medical to remotely monitor and track a patient's health metrics, empowering our team of medical professionals to provide better, more precise medical advice and lifestyle modification programs.

Together with the strong partnerships forged, we have been able to turn data tracking and collection into something much more than just numbers on a screen - We have transformed it into a meaningful, powerful and actionable change in the lives of our patients.